Estate Planning, Probate, & Trust Administration

Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys
Julia and Daniel Rice

Attorneys Julia and Daniel Rice provide sound and caring counsel as they guide clients through the planning of their estate or through the probate process. They create and draft custom estate plans that are tailored specifically to their clients and their needs.


A will specifies who serves as the Personal Representative of your estate and who receives assets from your estate. A will can also identify guardians for minor children.

Revocable Living Trusts

Revocable living trusts confer many benefits. They are flexible and allow your estate to avoid probate.

Tax Planning

Julia and Daniel Rice advise clients regarding the tax implications of their estate and methods to minimize tax exposure.

Small Estate Probate

The small estate probate process is a simplified probate process that allows a decedent’s assets to transfer to beneficiaries without needing to go through the more extensive probate process.


A full probate is the court’s process for transferring a decedent’s assets to the intended beneficiaries while ensuring all creditors have been paid.

Trust Administration

Julia and Daniel Rice represent successor trustees in trust administrations to assist them in complying with the terms of the governing instrument and Oregon law.