“Every step of the way, Julia was there. She was extremely organized, anticipated questions, she held our hands (figuratively), and walked us through all of the proceedings. She knew her stuff, and it showed. There is nobody I would rather have on my side than Julia Rice when a lawyer is actually needed. And when you don’t need a lawyer, Julia is a fun and interesting person to have a coffee with.”

-Marea Smele


My wife and I knew we needed an estate plan but did not really know any more than that. Julia spent considerable time understanding our needs and questions, treating us with respect and patience. As the details of the estate plan were taking shape, she was able to explain the information in a way that was easy to understand and interesting. Her depth of knowledge is impressive.”

-David Smith


“Julia Rice helped with structuring and formation of several of my businesses: a tech company, and services companies. She is an incredible attorney, and not only is able to go in-depth on many areas but is also able to explain them in simple terms.”

-Nik Garkusha



“Julia is so wonderful and helpful. I’m helping someone with some challenging issues and she was very responsive, compassionate, and resourceful. Don’t hesitate to hire her.”

-Amunet Burgueno


Julia was able to clearly explain the value of a trust in estate planning, and how it would apply to my situation. Based on the consultation, it was clear that it made good sense. So, I hired Julia, and I now feel confident that my estate wishes will be realized.”

-Satisfied Client


“Julia is an extraordinary attorney. I went through three other attorneys trying to clear up a deed and finally needed a probate attorney. Julia was the best thing that has happened to me regarding my property issues. She whizzed through the probate and was able to assist in clearing up the deed for my property. Julia responds to any questions and problems extremely quickly and just get things done. I couldn’t imagine any attorney doing a better job and would recommend Julia as one of the best, the very best in her field of expertise.”

-Cindy Johnson